Periodic Maintenance

Q: Why do I need my car to undergo periodic maintenance service?

To maintain your car in best condition. As the car gets older and its odometer reading increases, various parts wear out resulting to lower performance.These parts must be restored to their original condition.

Preventing troubles and accidents. Deteriorated engine oil affects lubrication inside cylinders that, in worst case, may lead to piston seizure. Worn-out Disc Brake Pads will lead to squeaky uneven or poor brakes.

Economic advantage. Improves fuel efficiency, increases the vehicle’s value because well- maintained vehicles are less reconditioned and easier to sell.

Q: When will I bring my car to a Toyota Service Center for a Service?

Every 5,000 kilometers or 3 months whichever comes first. Proper maintenance will help ensure maximum performance, greater reliability and longer life for your Toyota.

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