FAQ’s Related to Parts

Although this new cleaner was developed for “direct gasoline injection D-4 engines”, it is also ideal to use with all types of petroleum engine. This new injector cleaner thoroughly removes injector & combustions chamber deposits, improving idling, hesitation and drivability.

It is effective in improving the following: Poor starting Rough Idling Insufficient power Poor Fuel Economy Hesitation Engine Knocking Excessive Vibration Exhaust Emissions Engine noise

A cabin Air filter is Toyota’s new feature that delivers optimum pollution- free ventilation to the vehicle’s passenger cabin, to provide a more comfortable breathing environment. The Cabin Air filter is positioned in front of the air conditioning unit in order to filter both outside air and re-circulate the air inside to enhance the air quality and comfort of you cabin.

Following are its advantages: A more comfortable breathing environment inside the cabin.

1. It captures outside dust and other unwanted particles before they enter the passenger cabin.

2. It eliminates odors caused by the air conditioning unit. Requires less time and cost to maintain Since the cabin air filter is positioned in front of the air conditioning unit, it eliminates the need for cleaning the air conditioning unit, which saves a large amount of time and money. Only replacement of the cabin air filter is necessary and this can be performed quickly and at a low cost.

Inside your vehicle, even the slightest bit of dust is very unpleasant. To rid you of this unpleasant dust and odor we are proud to offer the Toyota Genuine Cabin air filter, a perfect fit for your Toyota vehicles.  Cabin air filters are currently available for selected Toyota models. For more information please contact your nearest Toyota Dealer.

Reduces airflow from the air conditioner will be observed when the cabin air filter approaches the end of its lifetime. The windows may also fog up while the air conditioner is in fresh mode. The replacement interval will vary depending on the driving environment and vehicle model. Consult your nearest Toyota dealer if the above signs are noted, and check your vehicles Owner’s Manual for details of replacement intervals.

Toyota Genuine Spark Plugs maintain optimum vehicle performances. They are specifically designed to be durable and stable in performances.

Toyota Genuine Motor Oil is highly graded motor oil developed specially for Toyota and other high quality engines. It maximizes engine life and performance by providing proper lubrication, higher durability, and minimum deterioration and requires less frequent oil change.

We recommend TMO to all our customers because it minimizes friction, resistance between components in engine. Minimize noise and vibration generated by engine backlash. Shield against causes of rust and corrosion in engine. TMO washes off carbon and wear of metallic components and keeps the engine in perfect condition.

Toyota Genuine brake Pads move freely in calipers for smooth and efficient operation and good in fitting Toyota Genuine Brake Pads are specifically designed for ensuring balanced and stable braking in all temperature.

Toyota Genuine air filters are triple layered, rough inside and fine outside and needle punched which allow them to effectively catch particles of different sizes.  Toyota Genuine air filters provide exceptional air filtering efficiency, effecting engine performance and noise-damping capabilities and have a long service life.

If vehicle is driven within the city (normal conditions) the right time to replace the air filter is within 20,000km. And if vehicle is driven in Interior or in deserted areas (severe condition) the right time to replace the Air Filter is 10,000km

The right time to replace TMO is after every 5000km.

Spark Plugs should be replaced after every 40,000km.