FAQ’s Related to Sales

For individual customers

  1. Pay Order in favor of M/s. Indus Motor Company A/C Customer’s Name.
  2. Copy of Valid CNIC for Individual
  3. NTN Number & NTN Certificate

For Corporate Customer:

  1. Purchase Order by the Company
  2. Company’s NTN
  3. Sales Tax No.
  1. For individual : Form-F duly signed by customer & CNIC.
  2. For Corporate: Request on letter head for registration. Form  F duly signed & stamped by authorized signatories of the company.
  3. Payment for Vehicle Registration.
  1. If customer wants to register the vehicle by him/her self, he/she can register the vehicle.Registration facility is also available at dealership for customer’s convenience.
  1. The mark-up amount is paid to the customer vide pay order in favor of customers name and delivered at customer’s address.

Toyota Gujranwala Motors has insurance arrangements at very low rates with following well known insurance companies:

  1. Shaheen Insurance
  2. Saudi Pak Insurance
  3. IGI
  4. AIG
  5. TPL direct insurance

Customer needs to bring the booking form (Customer Copy or Green Form), Copy of CNIC along with a Cancellation Request mentioning the reason

for cancellation along with vehicle PBO number.

Customer needs to coordinate with the Customer Relations dept. at Toyota Gujranwala Motors for a early mark-up cheque.

Documents Required:

  1. Customer request letter
  2. Copy of CNIC

After 2 months of booking % PA is paid to the customer by Indus Motor Company

2 Years or 50,000 km, which comes first.

The following documents needs to be submitted to Customer Relations Department, Toyota Gujranwala Motors to apply for vehicle’s duplicate Sales Invoice & Sales Certificate:

  1. Written customer’s request for issuance of duplicate documents by the owner.
  2. Copy of CNIC of the applicant (owner of the vehicle)
  3. Copy of Sales Certificate/Sales Invoice
  4. Original FIR
  5. Original lost and found advertisements in both English and Urdu newspaper having sufficient circulation, with the details of lost papers; vehicle registration number; vehicle engine and chassis numbers and name and telephone number of the person to be contacted.
  6. Copy of Vehicle Registration Book
  7. Ownership details (computerized printout) from the motor registration authority where the vehicle is registered
  8. NOC from FIA/ACLC or other such agency certifying that the vehicle in questions not involved in any criminal activity/case of any kind what so ever.
  9. In case of unregistered vehicle it must be mentioned in request letter, affidavit & on both newspaper that vehicle is still unregistered.
  10. Affidavit on Rs. 100/= stamp paper and duly notarized by an oath commission. the text in the affidavit must include the below:
    • Complete details of the person applying e.g. Name along with father/husband’s name, CNIC No and complete address.
    • Complete details of the vehicle e.g. Make/Model/Variant, Color, Engine and chassis Numbers & Registration Number.
    • Details of purchase
    • Complete details of the lost sale documents e.g. Invoice number, sale certificate no. and serial no.
    • Request for a duplicate set of Sales Invoice & Sales certificate.

Under taking “The vehicle is neither involved nor wanted in a criminal case of any kind. The original sale documents which have been reported lost, if found will be returned to Indus Motor Company Limited, intact any not used unlawfully in any manner. Whatever is stated here in above is true to the best of the (person applying). If the vehicle involved in any criminal activity so we are responsible of it.